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Our Tea Adventure

We have always made a great TEA-m. After having our first babies, we worked together on all sorts of mama tasks to keep our little ones fed and happy and our office life on track. To relax, we drank lots of home-brewed tea and soon our little girls joined us with their tea-ny cups in tow.  As our families grew, we wondered why it was so hard to find fruit tea blends appropriate for kids or why all grab and go kids drinks were juice-based with little additional nutritional benefits.  Why not share our home herbal blends with others and why not see if maybe other mamas, daddies, nanas, pappas and just really everybody who loves adventure were up for another kind of drink for their kids- one long-embraced by other cultures, with health benefits and a great taste that doesn’t need a lot of sugar to appeal to little palates?  We love our teas and we hope you do too.

Rachel and Esther



Walking Kids
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