Naturally Caffeine Free

Our teas are made with organic blend of whole herbs and fruit - which are naturally caffeine free!

Low Sugar, Great Taste

PLAY Teas are lightly-sweetened with organic maple syrup.  Each of our teas has less than half the sugar of a conventional juice box.

Proven Tradition

Tea is an everyday drink for kids around the world because of its longstanding tradition as a healthy, low-sugar beverage for every member of the family.  Parents love the health benefits of our tea, and kids love the discovery of a tasty new drink to quench their thirsts.  So go ahead, find your fun!

Girls Sipping Tea

Play. Drink. Grow.

We believe in celebrating the fun in trying new things, exploring unknown places, and connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures.  We encourage young people to step outside of their comfort zone to try something different - whether it be a new game, sport or a taste of our tea.  We hope you welcome us into your home to play, drink and grow with us.

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